The History Of Women's Jogging Sportswear

- Aug 08, 2018-

The ancients wore everyday clothes in sports. It is understood that this new type of carbon crystal heating device is actually a modification of ordinary clothing, and a simple carbon crystal heating module is added to the general woven clothing. The heating module is embedded in the clothing compartment and is easy to handle. In addition to keeping warm, carbon crystal clothes can also have health care functions, which are especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. Modern sportswear appeared in the mid-19th century. At that time, European sports became popular, so there were life clothes. In order to improve the performance of finished products, the company will increase the research and application of high-tech synthetic materials in the production of sportswear products, and new types of surface materials such as leather and textile fabrics will be widely used. With the emergence and market application of thermoplastic elastomers, polymer composites, nanomaterials and functional materials, the use of sports soles and sole materials will continue to innovate, greatly improving the mechanical, chemical and thermal properties of sports shoes and enhancing consumer dress experience.