Mens Sweater Fashion Design

- Sep 26, 2019-

Spring feels so close yet so, so far. Mother Nature has been bipolar lately, and it's been putting our layering game on overdrive. So, even though you're thinking of rolling up your sleeves and getting your shorts on (and beaches, and palm trees, and BBQs, get it), hate to break it to you dudes, but it's still very much sweater weather. This seasonal essential can solve a truckload of sartorial problems, and there's just somany types of these toppers — cardigans, shawl-collars, V-necks, hoodies...need we go on?

To put you in the TGIF mood, we rounded up 20 of our fave sweaters for men that will last you well into the warmer months. Our picks range from fashion-forward to tried-and-true, so there's an option for every type of fella, whether you like to pair your chunky cardigan under a blazer or go casual and rock a stripe-y crew with jeans or, in T-minus two months, shorts. Until then, you might as well browse — if you're anything like us, it's not like you're doing anything constructive at work right now, anyways (c'mon, it's the weekend).