Jogging Suits Order From South Korea Customer

- Oct 25, 2018-

  Two weekd ago, I got a inquiry from our website. A South Korea customer sent me two styles. They are all shown on our website. He said want order 50000 sets for each style. But final, he customer will choose on of them. So he want to know both of 50000 sets price for each style.

   Both of styles photos in attachment.

   It is a big order for us. So I told my boss in first time. Becuse for 50000sets, the prduction time about 4 months.

This is a big project. So we should try our best to do them.

First, my customer told me that the material is 100% polyester or cotton and polyester. And the size will be EU size measurement. That is important informations for us. Because they will change the price.

But in practice, we also need the size measurement data for us. They are even more important for pice. Because it will decided the fabric consumption. But he didn't have it. Only have the china size measurement for us. All right, it is ok. But the price just a budgetary price. Different size measurement have different fabric consumption. So they will have different price. And my customer want got the budget price as a reference.

   In last, I checked the price with my boss, hen we sent to him. The price list including the packing, delivery time, products details, HS code, cubic for ocean shipping.

   We hope they will helpful him,and I will always help.Hope all well with him.

   Thank you for your reading.

Jogging suit (1)

Jogging suit (2)