- Dec 13, 2018-

Clothes play an important role in our daily lives. they protect us from the strong wind in cold winter and prevent us from the unbearable heat in hot summer. they can even make men handsome and women attractive. they also distinguish people in different fields. for instance, we can tell a soldier from a policeman simply by the uniforms they are wearing.

  Clothes can reflect many things about a person. they can represent a person's social status, his likes and dislikes, his hopes, dreams, and so on. a quiet person, for example, might like to wear dark colored clothes. an out going person, on the other hand, might prefer to wear bright colored ones. old people tend to wear traditional clothes, whereas young people might tend to choose fashionable ones. when a little boy puts on a 'soldier's' uniform, he may want to show that he wishes to become a pla man when he grows up.

  Clothes will continue to develop to satisfy our individual tastes. they will become more comfortable, colorful, fashionable, and varied. people will find in the market more clothes they like to reflect their personalities.