What are the tips for Woolen Sweater not to shed hair

- Dec 10, 2020-

1. The trick for woolen sweaters not to shed hair: Dissolve a tablespoon of starch with half a basin of cold water, soak the woolen sweater and take it out, do not twist it, drain it and place it in water with a small amount of washing powder, soak for 5 minutes net.

2. A thin layer of scale will form on the aluminum pot or pot after a period of time. Put the potato skins inside, add appropriate amount of water, boil, boil for about 10 minutes, and then remove.

3. The kitchen floor has a lot of oil and it is not easy to clean. Before mopping the floor, you can moisten the oily ground with hot water to soften the stain, and then pour some vinegar on the mop, and then mop the floor to remove the oily dirt on the ground.

4. After turning on the gas switch to ignite, if the flame is green, it means that the gas is incompletely burned, which wastes gas. At this time, it is advisable to adjust the air control valve to the position where the flame sounds.

5. When using a water heater, it is best to adjust the temperature between 50-60 degrees to prevent the formation of water heater scale; when the water temperature exceeds 85 degrees, the formation of scale will increase.