Trend Forecast of Women's Fabrics in Spring and Summer 2020--Young, Vibrant, Playful and Environmentally Friendly

- Aug 04, 2019-

With the gradual growth of the Z generation, it has become the mainstream audience of popular culture, exploring the growing influence of young culture, and discovering the emerging mature economies are also the mainstream of the world. This season, we will look forward to 2020 through the theme of voice, secret, and nature. The trend of spring and summer fabrics is reflected in the fabrics with bright colors, image details and custom elements to reflect the youthful, playful and environmentally friendly features.

Voice theme: In the name of environmental protection: using recycled and recyclable yarns and fabrics, with a personalized design as the core, creating a new look.

- 01 psychedelic gloss -

Intertwined with psychedelic colors and sparkling light and soft fabrics create an electronic psychedelic charm. The biodegradable sequins and chiffon mesh stacks renew the “lightweight feel”, with a variety of dyed cotton and linen fabrics and dazzling embroidery and beadwork, reminiscent of the psychedelic bohemian style.

- 02 trendy sports style -

Combine flowers, vintage oil paintings, and extremely decorative decorations with modern light sports to add a high-end fashion to the sport. The combination of digital printing and decorative beading, pleated piles and flowers is created by a highly versatile mix and match to create a stylish sporty charm.

- 03 vitality geometric pattern -

The dot pattern with Aztec geometry or POP art updates the casual fabrics for 2020 spring and summer fabric trends. The image pattern is unrestricted, and the yarn-dyed yarn is finely contrasted with the coarse-grained textile or the decorative line is used to create a summer vacation.

- 04 Technology Lightweight Texture -

Inspired by the inflatable accessories of the beach and swimming pool, it has a matt adhesive touch and rubber-like synthetic fabric with protective properties. It is mainly made of recycled nylon and polyester fiber, and is made into garments through its own breathability and elasticity. Add comfort and functionality. With soft quilting, hot embossing and double-sided multi-layer design, the skill while retaining the fashion and environmental attributes while wearing, can also make the dress more light and convenient.

- 05 natural grilled dyeing -

Summer casual cotton and linen materials will be washed with sand, lattice, yarn weaving, etc. to present the sun-baked and dreamy colors. Fabrics such as jersey, twill, and tannin use a low-light warm color to create a sunset fading effect, and rock texture prints or irregular textile patterns add a sense of self.

- 06 Summer Ice Cream Color -

Nothing reflects summer memories better than the lively powdered ice cream tones. And the wax color is also one of the mainstream colors in young colors.

- 07 creative mix and match -

The shirt fabric, the matte cotton and the recyclable fiber are woven by the variegated yarn and the spacer dyed yarn, or the splicing with the contrasting patch is used to upgrade the tweed, the plaid, the stripe, and the like. Future fabric trends are focused on new fabrics with recyclable fibers, yarns and tactile textiles.

- 08 innovative hollow mesh -

Tweed and mesh weave with braided mesh and sandal effect. Create experimental and innovative fabrics by adding linen slubs, novel yarns, metal filaments, and blended fiber yarns such as recycled polyester.

- 09 African Stripes -

Incorporating cross-style sports, combining sportswear fabrics with Kent cloth in Africa, inspired by Kent's bright color woven and jacquard, extending sports fabrics to global environmentally friendly viscose, polyester and matt cotton The key fabric of the ready-to-wear model. The technical yarn and comfort elasticity update the refined design into a sporty look.

- 10 Tropical Camouflage -

Let the common tropical plants and abstract prints in summer be used as camouflage patterns to visually visualize the sensation of “hot summer”. The use of gradual stripes and fancy yarns adds texture to the blended jacquard, and the transplant technique combines summer tweed with thicker yarn and floral overprints.

- 11 cultural upgrades -

Symbolic patterns with cultural identity, enhanced in color, size and decoration, can be reflected in the mainstream consciousness of global culture. Highly saturated color woven stripes and dazzling symbolic patterns, while adding surface updates such as thicker yarns or raw edges.

- 12 novel crafts -

Inspired by traditional African craftsmanship, it combines novel multi-texture yarns, a large number of bright colors and image strips, and uses square weave and micro-quilting to create a craftsmanship. Three-dimensional striped jacquard, beadwork and cut tassel texture add a decorative touch to the fabric.