Tips for recovery after washing a sweater

- Dec 05, 2020-

1. Use a steam iron to help. Put the steam iron about two centimeters above the clothes with one hand, let the steam soften the fibers, and then use the other hand to shape the sweater. That's how you use both hands together, the sweater will surely Change back to the original state.

2. Usually, when drying sweaters, in order to prevent the sweaters from getting bigger and longer, it is best to lay the sweaters flat or open the umbrella and put them directly on the umbrella.

3. Put the sweater in a pot and steam for about 20 minutes, or immerse the sweater in warm water with a temperature of 30℃-50℃, and then let it slowly recover its shape, leave it alone, wait until its shape recovers When it's almost done, put it in cold water and let it shape. Finally, remember not to wring out when drying, but to dry it flat. This is an effective way to help wash sweaters.

4. Pour the silk wool net into warm water and stir well, then put the sweater in and soak for about 15 minutes, preferably rubbing gently. After washing, apply a softener to soak for about three minutes, do not wring out, just shrink into a ball of anti-squeeze water, it is best to put it on the clothesline and dry it flat.

5. Put warm water in the basin for washing your face, and then drip in a small amount of Amonia water commonly used in households, and then put the sweater in. At this time, the soap ingredients left on the wool thread will melt. Lightly stretch the shrunken part, and then rinse it to dry. When it is about to dry, first use your hands to open it to shape the original shape, and then iron it with an iron to restore its original size.