Three tips to prevent sweaters from fading

- Nov 24, 2020-

1. Use pickling method;

It is recommended that for sweaters with brighter colors such as red or purple, you can soak the sweater in water mixed with edible vinegar for a period of time before washing this type of sweater. Note that you only need to use the common white vinegar in daily life. White vinegar should not be used too much, otherwise it is easy to dye some lighter colored areas in the sweater. After a period of soaking in vinegar, people will find that these brightly colored sweaters are still as bright as ever when they wash normally.

2. Use salt water immersion method;

Using salt water soaking can better solve the problem of color fading and fading of the color sweater. It is recommended that people just buy the color sweater and soak the color sweater in strong salt water for a period of time before washing, and then use conventional methods to clean it. If you find a slight color fading phenomenon, you can soak it in some light salt water for a period of time before washing the color sweater next time. In this way, the color fading problem of the color sweater will be solved well after long-term use.

Third, use the reverse air method;

Incorrect drying of sweaters can also cause some sweaters to fade and dye problems. According to this problem, we have analyzed that ultraviolet rays are the culprit of clothes fading. Therefore, we can prevent sweaters from being directly exposed to sunlight by drying the sweaters in reverse. People can choose a dark and ventilated place to dry their sweaters.