The main functions and advantages of basketball training suits

- Jun 18, 2019-

Basketball training suits protect the human body and maintain the body's thermal balance to adapt to the effects of climate change. Clothing should be comfortable in wearing, and the factors affecting comfort are mainly the fiber properties, beauty specifications, fabric structure, thickness and sewing technology.


The clothing that began to appear in basketball training suits was mainly for the purpose of shaming. After the development of time, it turned to functional (practical) and then paid more attention to the aesthetics of clothing to satisfy people's spiritual beauty. The main factors affecting the aesthetics are the texture, color, pattern, fabric structure, shape retention, drape, elasticity, wrinkle resistance, and clothing style of the textile.


The anti-static clothing of the basketball training suit is to prevent the static electricity from accumulating in the clothes, and is sewn with the anti-static fabric as the fabric, and is suitable for wearing in static-sensitive places or fire or explosion dangerous places. The antistatic fabric used is mainly made of antistatic fibers or antistatic synthetic fibers made of conductive materials of all or part of metal or organic materials at substantially equal intervals or evenly during weaving, or a mixture of the two.