The difference between Woolen Sweater and ordinary sweaters

- Dec 11, 2020-

Pure wool, namely 100% wool (soft and comfortable), is easy to shrink (high-end woolen sweaters are treated with anti-shrinking treatment and are expensive). Blended wool contains less than 100% wool (including chlorophyll, ammonia ren... other ingredients). Mercerized wool that does not shrink easily: Descaling wool (smooth and not easy to shrink but less warmth than full wool) General sweaters can refer to: blended woolen sweaters or pure sunny clothes (in short, feel worse. Also easy Deformed, bigger! Cheaper!)

Wool knitted sweaters, the yarn contains at least animal hair, such as wool rabbit hair, etc. These are classified as short fibers, and the unit price of simply using animal hair is very high, so it can be blended with cotton or man-made fibers. The physical properties of medium-long fibers and short fibers are very different, and man-made fibers have many added values, such as common functional fabrics: moisture wicking, sterilization, deodorization, and far infrared are all yarn raw materials for knitted fabrics. The characteristics of the thread determine the characteristics of more than half of the finished woolen sweaters.