The color and feel of a women's velvet dress

- Jul 04, 2019-

The women's velvet dress is a traditional autumn fashion fabric, its luxurious temperament and rich texture create a magical fashion atmosphere. The velvet fabric is of high quality and is matched with delicate fabrics of contrasting effects such as silk and lace to create an extraordinary charm.

In the process of making women's velvet dresses, the fabrics are made of high-quality cotton yarn with high matching. When used, there are several series of plain, printing, jacquard and drawing, yarn-dyed and burnt-out. The raw materials are 80 cotton/20 polyester, 65T/35C, 80 polyester/20 cotton, and bamboo fiber cotton velvet.

The suede feel and color of the women's velvet dress are particularly beautiful. There are also a small amount of suede in the market: cotton/modal, cotton/bamboo fiber, cotton/tencel, cotton/soybean fiber and other fabrics.

Women's velvet dresses are generally lighter in color, mostly single-dyed cotton, medium-dark double-dyed cotton and polyester. There are also velvets of gray yarn. Or CVC cotton yarn double-dyed imitation color cloud effect, yarn-dyed velvet, etc. Velvet finishing Add brightener to make the suede have a better