Sportswear purchase guide

- Dec 11, 2019-

Sportswear coats are generally divided into casual suit tops and lightweight tops. The traditional and most comfortable styles are two or three buttons. If you want to be tighter, you should choose a button or a four button.


People who are too tall or too short are not suitable for casual or tartan casual suit tops; they are too conspicuous.


A medium-sized man wearing a plaid shirt will not be too ugly, but the basic principle of choosing such a coat should be a simple color and a simple style.


The men's department of the famous big department store in the United States believes that the preferred brands of casual suit tops include armani, calvin klein, kenneth cole and boss. The designers of these brands pay more attention to tailoring and strict selection of high quality pure wool fabrics. Of course, they are also more expensive than the average brand ($450 or higher).


Strictly speaking, there is a difference between a lightweight top and a casual suit top. The main difference is the color - the light tops are usually monochromatic, the common ones are black and blue; the casual suit tops are more diverse in color, or they can be case or tartan.


In the past, the difference between casual suit tops and lightweight tops was the choice of buttons – brass tops for lightweight tops. But according to armani's opinion: brass buttons are no longer popular.


The fashionable way to wear is to buckle one or two buttons on the top.

The traditional method of wearing is to buckle the middle button.

Lightweight tops with dark wool trousers are second only to suits in formal occasions.

For those who have thick legs or calves, choose a dark or straight sportswear. If you wear a warm leggings, you will be able to make them close to the thighs.

If you have a large buttocks, you can wear a tight-fitting gymnastic dress with a particularly high leg. A belt will bring the line of sight to the waist and a pair of black or dark blue tights.

For those with big breasts, the texture of the sportswear should be flexible and supportive. Long sleeves are good, avoiding short sleeves.

Too thin, you can wear brightly colored horizontal sportswear, using belts and other decorations to emphasize the waist.

If the calf is too thin, it is advisable to wear nylon sweatpants to make the legs more plump, and the warm leg sleeves can beautify the leg shape.

Those who have a flat chest can wear a lace-up sportswear with a neckline. The color should be bright and full.

For shoulders, avoid sportswear with sleeves. Wear a vest or pleated front.