Sportswear needs to use comfortable fabrics

- Jun 17, 2019-

"Clothing physiology" is a depiction of functional sportswear and casual wear. It is a philosophy of interaction between human body and clothes. It is characterized by comfort, health and high performance. To be specific, it is necessary to fully understand the parameters of fiber, spinning weaving, fabric density, thickness, weight, color, and ready-to-wear and integration techniques. It is wrong to use only one evaluation criterion to measure the pros and cons of the functionality. In general, the body-climate environment-clothing will affect each other. The body is unchanged, and the clothes are variable.

The human body is maintained at 37 ° C under normal conditions. During exercise, the body temperature rises and the body temperature returns to normal by wicking. The moisture formed by perspiration must be absorbed into the body by osmotic absorption of the fabric. If the body heat cannot be discharged, the moisture collides back and forth between the human body and the clothes, which will cause an uncomfortable feeling. The function of the human body perspiration is a normal behavioral reaction, so the comfort or not has a great relationship with the fabric. Consumer demand for moisture wicking.