Sportswear needs and characteristics

- Dec 09, 2019-

The function and shape of the human body will change with age, especially when people enter middle age, the changes in the function, shape and psychology of the human body will be more significant. They are no longer developing in the direction of stereotypes like teenagers, but instead evolved toward a discrete state in which the difference between tall, thin and thin individuals is widened: the waist is thick, the hips are falling, and the thumpback is a typical feature of some middle-aged and old people.


In the face of such a special group, if the sportswear manufacturers do not have a uniform type and cannot be unified, they cannot be produced on the assembly line. Modifying the plate type and small batch production will increase the cost. This is the last thing manufacturers want to do. Therefore, the middle-aged and old people are only in the situation of purchasing a sportswear. Secondly, the tolerance of the elderly to the external stimuli is declining, especially for the elderly. They are unwilling and unable to tolerate the uncomfortable stimulation of the body such as hard cuffs, short crotch, tight cuffs and chemical fiber fabrics.


The traditional Chinese ethics and aesthetics make middle-aged and old people more cautious and introverted when choosing clothes. They lack the bold and lively psychological characteristics of foreigners in their clothing styles. Therefore, the colors, styles and fabrics of sportswear are The requirements for functions and accessories are also particularly difficult to meet than young people.


With the growth of age and experience, people's psychological quality has also become mature and stable. Therefore, in general, middle-aged and elderly people in the choice of sportswear first require that the color tone should not be too dull and dull, but not colorful; the color should be simple, clear, pure and elegant, which makes people feel pleasing and extraordinary; and the style should be stable and dignified. Loose and comfortable, generous and comfortable; function should be gentle and warm, good elasticity; fine processing, high quality and reasonable price... All of which reduce their choice of sportswear.


In recent years, many costume experts and scholars have repeatedly called on middle-aged and elderly people to emancipate their minds, break through the old Chinese traditional clothing aesthetic concepts and customs, and the temperament of their sense of age, boldly choose beautiful colors and styles to showcase The elderly still have the brilliance of youthful vitality, but the traditional concepts and customs formed by China for thousands of years are not easy things that can be reversed overnight. Moreover, the Chinese people's yellow skin color is a color that makes clothing difficult to match. In this regard, the clothing manufacturers of China have not been able to give a full understanding.