Sportswear exhibition

- Dec 02, 2019-

In sportswear merchandise display, merchandise is the focus of the exhibition performance, display is the means to highlight the atmosphere of the store, space design is the stage of performance, the three can be the perfect performance.

Shops, shop windows, advertisements, etc. are factors that directly attract customers into the store, and the most direct response of customers is the visual stimulation of goods, the quality of goods display, directly affecting the number of customers and stimulating customer spending.

The specific display should start from many aspects and display the display effect from different ways to achieve the customer's purpose. Most of the storefronts are distinguished by functions, such as the trousers area and the hat area, but because the modern product design is oriented to the overall match, and in order to match the product visual system

The reforms of the list have gradually been re-adjusted in the display of goods.

For example, distinguishing positions by color and serializing the display with design themes can not only present visual effects, but also often achieve the purpose of the entire group of sales. Whether it is a large or small classification of goods, it should be displayed as a whole.

In the same product category, different varieties of goods should still be displayed separately and not mixed, so that customers can easily identify different products. The merchandise is displayed in the area that the customer expects and where it is obtained.

In the display of goods, in addition to the quantity, you should also notice the color, style and size of the goods. This will attract the attention of customers and increase the sales volume of goods. A darker-colored item next to the brightly colored item makes it a clear contrast. In this way, the two items will surely become more attractive because they are set off against each other.

Moreover, the contrast display has a strong shock, not only gives a sense of stability, but also deepens the impression of customers. In the way of large, small, large and small, the products are arranged at intervals, which will produce a rhythmic movement, which can attract customers' attention. However, the display of sportswear in this way can be cumbersome and difficult to achieve the desired effect....