Sportswear concept and fabric demand

- Nov 29, 2019-

Sports fabric

1.Refreshing sports fabric

Sportswear with the characteristics of sweat-absorbent and quick-drying or moisture wicking can be called "Refreshing garments", providing the comfort of the contestants and creating great results on the sports field. The concept of this kind of clothing design comes from the capillary phenomenon of trees, such as the multi-layer polyester knitwear Field sensor, the inner layer is coarse denier polyester yarn, which is in direct contact with the skin, and the outer layer is hydrophobic fine denier polyester yarn. The dense structure of the surface accelerates the effect of perspiration. Cube sensor and Cool magic woven fabric, Aero sensor double-sided warp knit fabric, with this similar concept, develop more differentiated functions. In the Technorama laboratory, under actual operation, it was confirmed that the moisture absorption of the inner layer of the Field sensor fabric was lower than that of the general T/C fabric during the running. As shown in the above, in addition to the above-mentioned nature, it also worked hard to develop the reflection. Sunlight/UV resistant fabric "Aloft" is a sheath/core conjugated polyester fiber yarn. The core part is filled with special ceramic particles to improve its physical properties. The case of Aloft fabric under visible light, infrared light, ultraviolet light and traditional polyester fiber comparing.



2. moisture permeable waterproof fabric

The design concept of moisture permeable waterproof fabric is to prevent the infiltration of heavy raindrops, mist and snow, and the sweat discharged by the human body can be smoothly discharged. In addition to achieving superior waterproof performance, the wearer does not feel sultry, as everyone else Known by the CF-fitted Goretex fabric, it is ideal for alpine climbing and maritime activities. Toray's Entrant is a PU resin-coated moisture-permeable waterproofing material that removes excess moisture from the inner surface of the fabric and has an annual production capacity of 1.3 million meters in Japan. Toray's other non-coated high-density blister "HZOFF" is a polyester superfine Danny air entangled yarn with a high moisture permeability.

Developed by Toray, Entrant G-II is a double-layer PU honeycomb film of different densities with a moisture permeability of 8000g/m2/D and a barrier to raindrops ranging from 100 to 500μ (from drizzle to heavy downpour). Developed "Dermizax" for non-porous PU resin coated on polyester woven fabric, moisture permeability

Up to 5500g/m2/D. In addition, the porous resin can make the fabric discharge moisture at a high temperature, and at a low temperature, it has a warming effect while maintaining a moderate moisture of the fabric.


3. Warm fabric

The fabric absorbs sunlight energy, which is converted into heat and stored in the fabric to achieve warmth. This product has been developed by Unitika and is called "Solor-a". Carbonization is added to the conjugated polyester fiber core. Zirconium makes the fabric warm. Toray's Megacron is made up of solar energy absorbers to absorb the sun's energy. A layer of metal oxides and fabrics filled with zirconium oxide fibers are absorbed by the sun. The infrared heat is released and the temperature is raised to maintain the warmth. Another product, Querbinthermo, has a discolored discoloration on the surface of the fabric. The back side of the sportswear is a ceramic layer. After the light is irradiated, when the temperature is higher than the normal temperature, the surface will appear white. When the temperature is low, the color will turn black. Further development, for the warm fabric developed by alpine climbing and cold zone climate, the high-density hollow fiber is coated in a gas phase, coated with a layer of metal, conducted by a radiation heat source, and distributed throughout the fabric by circulation control.


4. Low-resistance sports fabric

In the competition for swimming and ski jumping, due to fierce competition, the gap is usually 0.01 seconds. Therefore, for the needs of such sports players, the function of low-resistance force came into being. In the case of swimwear, there is Nara Takashi High-needle (32G) double-sided warp knits blended with elastic yarns, such as Toray's Acquapin fabric, reduce frictional resistance by 10% in water. Another product, Acquaspec, is more functional and can reduce drag by up to 15%. It is made from polyester superfine Danny. Others, such as Descente, use corrugated processed filaments to form very fine grooves on the surface of the fabric to reduce frictional resistance in the water. The same design concept is used for air fluids to reduce the resistance of ski jumpers in the air. The Dimplex fabric is a collaboration between Descente and Eschler to create a convex shape on the surface of the ski jump fabric with corrugated yarn, which allows the player to minimize air resistance during the start, takeoff and aerial flight phases.


5. Ultra high strength fabric

In the competition, athletes often have fierce and violent actions, such as rapid slip, collision, and collision. Dynamonus fabric is a blend of high-strength polyester spun yarn and 5-15% P-aromatic polyamide fiber (high-strength fiber). It has excellent heat-resistance and is resistant to friction, rubbing and climbing. At the time, it was prevented from being cut by sharp corners of the rock. Its main four anti-wear properties, as shown in the thirteenth, have been extended to work clothes, marine sportswear and industrial uses in addition to sportswear. In addition to athletes, the average consumer is also beginning to worry about the sportswear they have. What kind of functionality? This demand has gradually expanded. Mr.K.Hayakawa puts forward a new perspective on the future. The ancient aesthetics is represented by “nude”, which means that the design of the future sportswear must be shaped according to the human body structure. The resistance and restraint can be minimized during the exercise, and the future is expected to be new. Products can respond to more diverse needs....