Sportswear concept

- Jun 16, 2019-

As far as consumers are concerned, the functions of casual wear and sportswear are different from those of professional sportsmen. They are easy to maintain and waterproof and windproof. In order to improve consumers' purchasing behavior, manufacturers of peripheral equipment have also joined sales. In the ranks, such as health care and UV-resistant protective fabrics, weavers and chemical auxiliaries continue to develop new fibers and finished products in order to provide ever-increasing functional requirements. Polyester and Nylon-based microfibers are the fastest growing, high-density and waterproof fabrics are the most widely used in casual wear.

As long as the position is right, each product has its own characteristics, and it can fully function. The manufacturer of sportswear must measure the whole system from a macro perspective. From yarn to retailers, each level must cooperate with each other. The four elements of the basic function of sportswear can make the most of the benefits.

1. Protection function: windproof and waterproof.

2. Isolation function: keep warm.

3. Moisture permeability, breathability: to ensure the body's heat, can be discharged through the fabric to the outside of the body.

4. Elastic function: Provide the needs of athletes to run and jump.