Precautions for washing sweaters in washing machine

- Nov 21, 2020-

(1) If you want to wash sweaters in a washing machine, you must put the sweaters in a laundry bag before washing, which can prevent the sweaters from deforming.

(2) Use wool special detergent or neutral detergent for washing products, which are sold in supermarkets. If not, you can also use shampoo. Do not use soap or alkaline washing products, which will shrink the sweater. There is also a solution for preventing shrinkage of sweaters, which is also sold in supermarkets and can be added during washing.

(3) When washing sweaters with a washing machine, switch to the special file for sweaters or soft washing mode.

(4) A softening agent can be injected during the last rinse to make the sweater more supple.

Unless there are special circumstances, it is generally recommended to wash the sweater by hand, and gently press to clean the sweater to minimize damage. If it is expensive sweaters, such as cashmere sweaters, it is recommended to go to a dry cleaner to clean them.