Note for men wearing shirts

- Nov 19, 2020-

One, the shirt style should be distinguished. For formal occasions, when wearing a suit or courtesy dress, you should choose to wear an inner-wearing shirt; when a shirt is worn inside a jacket or tunic, the inner-wear type is the best, and the inner-outer type is the second. When the shirt is only worn as an outer garment, the outer wear type or the inner and outer wear type are more appropriate choices.

2. On formal occasions, white shirts or light-colored shirts should be worn with dark suits and ties to show dignity.

3. The sleeves of the shirt should be about one centimeter longer than the sleeves of the suit, which not only reflects the level of dressing, but also keeps the cuffs of the suit clean.

4. When a shirt is worn with a tie (regardless of whether it is a suit or not), the collar buttons, cuff buttons and cuff fork buttons must all be buttoned to show the rigidity and strength of men.

5. The size of the shirt collar should be as loose as a finger. Those with slender necks should especially avoid the neckline being too large, otherwise it will feel weak.

6. When wearing a suit without a tie, a button on the collar of the shirt must not be fastened, and all the buttons on the placket must be fastened, otherwise it will appear too casual and lack culture.

7. When wearing a suit, the hem of the shirt should not be worn outside the waistband. This will give people a sense of nonsense and lack of taste; otherwise, it will make people appear more energetic and full of confidence.