Material and function of different apparel fabrics

- Jun 19, 2019-

In order to avoid the invasion of the external climate, most woven fabrics are coated with PVC to achieve the waterproof effect, but have a negative impact - airtight, sweating, unremovable and uncomfortable feeling.The inability to perspire is the biggest drawback of sportswear.

Knitted fabrics are different. In addition to their stretchability, they also have a moisture-permeable effect. The double-sided fabric has a better effect and does not adhere to the skin. Generally, the inner layer is made of rayon processed silk or staple fiber. . The outer layer material is mainly natural cotton. The capillary action of the man-made fiber absorbs the moisture emitted by the human body, which indirectly blocks the moisture absorption of the cotton fiber, so that the skin instantly achieves the perspiration effect without the feeling of wet and sticky.

The function of clothing comfort is related to the material, the thickness and quantity of the air layer, the thickness of the waterproof layer, and the permeability. In terms of material, the cotton fiber is superior in moisture absorption, easy to absorb sweat and contact with the skin, and is easy to cause A chill, but not good, man-made fibers, especially microfibers, have a large surface area, strong capillary action, a temperature-regulating effect, and a soft touch, so they are more in line with the needs of sportswear.