Knee length dress matching skills

- Aug 08, 2018-

One-step skirt can be said to be the most beautiful lady in the skirt. This solid color green group, the one-step skirt design perfectly outlines the hip curve, sexy and elegant, the combination of white chiffon shirt creates a kind. The freshness and comfort of the beauty is very consistent with this season. This combination is a great expression of a woman's gentle personality and sexy elegance. The short, long skirt, this irregular skirt design is very popular this season. The neat cuts bring a smooth, curved line of beauty, setting off a woman's graceful and gentle character. The double-layer fabric design, yellow and blue play the effect of splicing and contrasting colors, enriching the overall color sense and layering. The simple gray blouse is very good for the distinctive skirt, and the wide waistband is more fashionable.