Introduction of sportswear

- Oct 26, 2019-

Sportswear refers to clothing that is dedicated to sports competitions. It is usually designed and manufactured according to the specific requirements of the sports program. In a broad sense, it also includes clothing for outdoor sports activities. Mainly divided into track suits, ball suits, water suits, ice suits, weightlifting suits, wrestling suits, gymnastics suits, mountaineering suits, and fencing suits. The sportswear industry has a good development trend. With the continuous expansion of the sportswear industry operating market and export growth, the sportswear industry will usher in a new development opportunity.


In textiles, the market for casual wear and sportswear has always been a leader in other products, and it is widely favored by consumers. In particular, products that emphasize functionality in recent years are well received, but only true experts understand. The meaning of functional sportswear, consumers need to know the true wearing function, then the professional should provide the correct message. Since 1994, many companies have succeeded in developing a range of functional fabrics based on the characteristics of their fibers, each of which has its own place in the market depending on the needs of its end use.