How to wear a hoodie with a jacket

- Oct 08, 2019-

Hoodies are basically a mix of autumn and winter seasons in autumn and winter, and hoodies are very versatile while keeping warm. Hoodies are very simple whether they are inside or outside. How do you wear the most popular hoodies? In fact, hoodies can be worn with windbreakers, denim jackets, overcoats and leather jackets. This kind of stacking can give people a very temperament.


First, the hoodie with a denim jacket stacked

The material of the cow in the jacket is very popular. The denim jacket can be easily divided into dark and light colors, among which the dark green is the most popular. So hoodies can choose a brighter color to match, bright hooded hoodies stacked denim jacket will give people a lively youthful atmosphere, of course, in addition to bright color hoodies, you can also Choose a white hoodie, after all, the white hoodie is basically not in conflict with the clothes.


Second, the hoodie with a windbreaker jacket stacked

The first impression of the windbreaker is the rules, cold and steady. If the hoodie is to be integrated into the style of the windbreaker, you need to choose the more stable feeling of black or gray. This will not let the temperament of the sweater coat down.


Third, hooded sweater with a small suit stacked

Small suits are generally a fashion item that people in the workplace like very much, so small suits give people a very positive feeling. For casual wear, a T-shirt is also added to the small suit, and the direct hoodie can also bring unexpected effects. Suits with hoodies look nondescript, but this stack is really age-reducing.