How to clean Women Knitted Sweater (1)

- Dec 07, 2020-

How to wash knitted sweaters without deformation Method 1: Acetic acid soaking method

Specific steps:

1. Before washing the sweater, soak the dust on the sweater in cold water for about 15 minutes;

2. Take out the soaked knitted sweater, squeeze out the water, and then put it into a solution of neutral detergent and water (the pH value is between 6-8, mainly laundry detergent), and gently scrub to clean

3. Take out the clean knitted sweater, and then rinse it with clean water. In the last rinse, 2% edible vinegar can be dropped into the water. (It can maintain the color and flexibility of the wool, which is very good for preventing deformation).

4. Then, lay the knitted sweater flat and dry it after washing, so as to prevent it from deforming due to water gravity after washing.