How to choose a dress that suits you (1)

- Nov 15, 2020-

(1) Light yellow or yellowish skin: purple, blue

Yellow skin should wear blue-toned clothing, such as wine red, lavender, purple blue and other colors, can make the face more white, but strong yellow such as brown, orange, etc. It is best not to wear it, so as not to make the complexion. It looks more dull and yellow with no luster.

(2), dark brown skin: dark brown

This skin tone looks very individual, suitable for dark brown. It looks natural and elegant, you can try dark green, maroon, coffee, golden and so on. The combination of dark green clothes and lavender clothes can harmonize the skin tone and look more fair. Maroon clothes make your skin look healthy and full of vitality. Remember, it is best not to wear blue tops or dresses.

(3), healthy wheat color: red, green

Women with this skin tone give people a healthy and lively feeling. The strong contrast of black and white matches them surprisingly. Deep blue, charcoal gray and other heavy tones, as well as bright colors such as pink, deep red, and emerald green are the best Highlight a cheerful personality.

(4) Fair skin: yellowish, blueish

As the saying goes, "one white hides three ugliness", fair skin is every girl's dream. With this type of skin, it matches many colors. Among the colors, yellow and blue can highlight the white skin and make the whole look bright and beautiful; and light orange red, lemon yellow, apple green, purple red, sky blue and other hues They are all colors that fair-skinned MM can challenge daily.