How men wear hoodies

- Oct 23, 2019-

We preach the charm of a hoodie, but don't simply think that wearing it is good, because when you wear a hoodie as a single item in a multi-layered outfit, there will be surprises. A comfortable hoodie is a great creation that gives you a personal edge while keeping warm. A simple white sailor t-shirt, a hoodie, a slim denim, a pair of shoes, plus a coat or jacket are the best quality wear. As a highlight of casual wear, when the hoodie's comfort and coolness can be achieved at the same time, we will become fanatics. The fabric of the hoodie will be more comfortable, lighter and more textured. So, for a more harmonious casual feel, you can choose a black hoodie and lightweight casual shoes.


Put a hoodie in a leather jacket

The hoodie and leather jacket are classic and full of new ideas, you can wear it repeatedly season after season.


Rex menswear designer Alex said: "Hoodies can significantly improve the quality and health of people wearing. Therefore, people prefer the fit, well-crafted casual design, can be worn in a variety of occasions. Go to the gym or create an office fashion.” Put the black leather jacket and black or indigo jeans as the foundation, wear a hoodie with different colors, and wear a pair of leather or suede boots to enhance the texture.


Break through the traditional match

If you want to match a hoodie with a suit or jacket, this dress will mark you as a full member of the Menswear Club. Giles Sali, director of River Island Studios, pointed out: "Of course, hoodies and a pair of straight jeans and sneakers are a combination, but if you want to improve the fashion, you should tear off the rules of traditional clothes, try Multi-level unstructured combination.” In order to create a style that is interwoven with formalism, you can choose a gray hoodie, a gray suit and white lace-up sneakers.


Hoodies and trousers

The best choice for neutralizing wisdom and casualness is the hoodie with trousers. We see a low-key luxury transition with a hoodie with wide-leg pants or a longer formal jacket.” To enhance the texture, you can also choose to find a neutral hoodie, then add a pair of pants and sneakers. If you have an attempt, try adding a pattern such as pinstripes or plaids to the lower body....