How men choose the shirt that suits them

- Nov 17, 2020-

Many people choose shirts. I feel unable to start. First of all, if you choose to wear an English shirt, his type is more self-cultivation, and it looks like the more formal wear, which is the English shirt. This shirt is for people who are thinner, and people who are a bit fat can't wear this shirt. American shirts feel a little fat, this shirt is suitable for people who are a little bit obese, and it doesn't look bloated. French shirt. It is better in terms of design and tailoring. French shirt looks very elegant and noble. This dress is very challenging for the wearer. This kind of clothes must be of good shape, and then tall can be worn to achieve this effect. There is also an Italian shirt, this one is a shirt. It is more suitable for white-collar workers, because the style of Italian clothing is different from other styles. Boys should choose clothing according to their skin color. If their skin color is darker, they should choose a brighter shirt. If you have whiter skin, choose a darker one.