Football training suit design and insulation function

- Jul 08, 2019-

The football training suit is a special clothing for football players. It is usually composed of a loose jersey and elastic banded shorts, with stockings and knee pads, ankle football spikes, and a body protector. It is suitable for both football movements and protection against possible injuries during sports. It is often adorned with the logo of the participating units and the personal number. The colors are mainly composed of primary colors, which are bright and colorful, reflecting the warm and active atmosphere. The colors of the clothes, pants, socks and shoes of the athletes on both sides of the competition should be significantly different for easy identification.

Just after the World Cup, I think that in addition to the players' skills and colors, everyone's minds should have a deep impression on the colorful jerseys. As a representative of the club's image, the design of the football training suit is very high, and it is a team that can be recognized without looking at the team logo.

But compared to the basketball clothing that is popular in the street, football clothing seems to be less common in life. On the one hand, because of the development momentum of basketball, on the other hand, because the sportswear with sleeves is too strong, even if it is worn on the street, it needs to be modified.

The football training suit needs to show the tight body design of the body, and the technical fabrics provide strong support for the muscles. The silicone strips used in technology can massage the muscles and give you excellent performance at all times.

The lightweight, breathable functional fabric gives this training jacket an excellent thermal insulation function, making you feel fearless in the face of wind and rain.