Do you want to wear a fitness training suit?

- Oct 02, 2019-

If you want to keep running and run comfortably and cheerfully, it is best to wear a professional running suit. If you just ex ercise, ordinary sportswear is fine, but never wear regular clothes.


Wearing on the run plays a big part in whether you can run happily. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, the clothing should be as thin, soft, flexible, breathable, and preferably quick-drying fabric.

Light, soft and flexible clothing will not affect the swing of your arms when you are running and the pedaling, knees and crossover when your legs are running. If the fabric is not soft, running for a long time will hurt the skin. Friends who ran long distances were deeply touched, and the thighs and the skins were worn away. In addition, if you wear a piece of airtight clothing to run, the heat of the body can not be discharged, it is as uncomfortable as running in a raincoat, making people hot and unbearable. Some people think that cotton clothing absorbs sweat, but I don’t know that cotton clothing is not easy to dry after being sweat-absorbent. It is difficult to get cold and easy to catch cold. The quick-drying clothing is different. It is quick and dry, it doesn't touch, it makes people feel. More refreshing.


If you go out to run, be careful not to wear more. Once the body starts to heat up, you will feel 8-10 degrees Celsius higher than normal. For example, at 13 degrees Celsius, you can wear T-shirts and shorts.