Development of sportswear market

- Dec 06, 2019-

Middle-aged sportswear market


National fitness is sports, sportswear market is business, and the two seem to have nothing to do with it. In fact, there is a close connection between sports and business. Sports business has become an important industry in the Chinese business system, and sports consumption has become an industry and fashion.


New research shows that fitness activities help improve brain function. The brain produces a substance called acetylcholine, which makes people feel relaxed and happy. Therefore, whether you are a teenager or a middle-aged person, regular participation in physical exercise can keep people refreshed, happy, and comfortable, and ultimately achieve healthy growth or longevity. This is why people are paying more and more attention to physical exercise and increasing their investment in sports consumption year after year.


For the middle-aged and elderly people, in addition to these wonderful physical feelings, it is more important to participate in fitness activities and enable them to reintegrate into society, participate in society, and re-find their social status in the new social environment and new social groups. With social values, re-shaping your image and establishing your own opportunities and occasions in the new group.


All the changes brought about by participating in fitness activities can reduce or eliminate the negative effects of the old people's elimination of history, social abandonment and all kinds of loneliness and so on. Reducing psychological depression will enable the elderly to re-establish a positive psychological reaction and fun of life, thus making their lives, especially spiritual life, full and happy.


Comfortable and well-executed sportswear can bring great convenience to fitness activities. Exercisers can avoid the anxiety that ordinary clothing is not suitable for sports activities, and thus promote their full commitment to fitness activities. In addition to the functional characteristics of sportswear, the psychological effects and influences of the production, style, color and fabric of sportswear on the wearer have long been confirmed by clothing and color science. Sportswear with simple style, bright colors and high fabric quality will also induce positive effects of excitement and pleasure in the nervous system of middle-aged and elderly people, which will stimulate the benign reaction of the whole body.


Therefore, wearing the sportswear that you like to make the middle-aged and older people more youthful and energetic will also stimulate their enthusiasm and active participation in fitness activities. A nation is composed of individual members, and the health of the individual's body will naturally bring about the prosperity of the entire nation. Obviously, among the many achievements of fitness activities, the important role of sportswear can never be ignored.




In the Chinese folk, there have been martial arts, qigong, kicking scorpions, and yangko songs that have been effective since the ancient times. They are suitable for the fitness and recreation activities of middle-aged and elderly people, and have formed a matching match in the course of thousands of years of popularity and inheritance. Unique sportswear. Nowadays, with the popularization of sports, the expansion of sports programs, the popular fitness activities in the society have added new sports activities and fitness equipment such as badminton, table tennis, croquet, ballroom dancing, Mulan boxing, and aerobics.


When middle-aged and elderly people participate in these fitness activities, they do not have high requirements for clothing. However, with the deepening of participation activities, the improvement of sports skills, and the various competitions, performances and events held to promote the development of national fitness. With the increase in networking activities, people will naturally mention the special sportswear to the agenda. The development of the national fitness campaign will also promote the all-round development of the Chinese sportswear market in promoting the development of China's sports business. Among them, the consumption of middle-aged and old-age sportswear still has great potential waiting for people to develop.