Design and application of women tracksuit set

- Jul 06, 2019-

Women tracksuit set are clothing that is dedicated to sports competitions or to outdoor sports activities. Mostly casual wear. Apparel for sports competitions. It is usually designed and manufactured according to the specific requirements of the sports program.

Sportswear also includes clothing that is used in outdoor sports activities in a broad sense. Nowadays, it refers to sports and leisure wear for everyday life.

Women tracksuit set are more breathable and lighter and sporty. Refers to the trousers, basketball shoes, running shoes, etc.

Track and field equipment

Athletes wear vests and shorts. Generally, the vest body is required, and the shorts are easy to step. Sometimes it does not affect the athlete's legs and large-span movements, and also opens or releases a certain degree of looseness on both sides of the pants. Vests and shorts are mostly made of knitted fabrics and are also made of silk.


Headwear is usually worn in shorts. Ball sportswear needs to be loosened. Basketball players generally wear vests, while other balls wear short-sleeved tops. Football sportswear is customarily used in the V-neck. Volleyball, table tennis, rugby, badminton, tennis and other sportswear are equipped with collars, and blue and red colored stripes are added on the outside of the sleeves. Tennis shirts are mainly white, while women wear ultra-short