Definition of gymnastics tracksuit

- Aug 08, 2018-

Gymnastics suits, also known as "half body suits", usually refer to women's gymnastics suits. Gymnastics suits generally have two types of spandex and cotton, which have good elasticity. The main function of the gymnastics suit is to make the wearer's clothes simple and convenient, and to complete various required movements. The gymnastics suit is close-fitting, which can outline the female figure with bumps and bumps. Because of the high split of the lower part of the gymnastics suit, the legs can be made more slender, so it has been favored by women who practice dance and gymnastics. The men's gymnastics competition suits are vest-style tops, with the corresponding shorts or trousers, which is a rigid regulation of international sports organizations. Athletes participating in gymnastics competitions must wear standard gymnastics uniforms, and group competitions must wear uniform clothing. In pommel horses, rings, horizontal bars and parallel bars, men must wear trousers, gym shoes or socks; in floor exercise and vaulting, you can wear shorts or bare feet; wear vests in all competitions.