Common sense of sweaters fabrics (1)

- Dec 01, 2020-

1. wool

The shape of wool fiber is a slender cylindrical object, which is composed of scale layer, cortex layer and medulla layer. Due to the directional nature of the scales, under certain humid heat and soap conditions, coupled with the rubbing action of mechanical external force, the wool fiber has good milling properties. The diameter of wool fiber is within 18-42 microns. The finer the fiber, the higher the spinnable count, the higher the relative strength, the higher the crimp, and the better the elasticity.

According to the regulations of the International Wool Bureau, the "pure wool mark" is adopted for wool yarn spun from pure wool fiber.

2. Cashmere

Cashmere fiber is obtained by combing the wool under the long hair of goats. The villi fibers are composed of a scaly layer and a cortical layer, without a medulla layer. Its average fineness is 15-16 microns, which is the smallest among wool fibers. Cashmere has better elongation and elastic deformation than sheep wool, so cashmere has excellent characteristics such as softness, smoothness and good warmth. It is a precious raw material. What's more valuable is that it has natural colors, among which white cashmere is the most expensive.

3. Mohair

Mohair is a goat native to Angola. The wool fiber is relatively thick and belongs to coarse fluff. The surface has few and blunt scales, and the fiber has a shiny silver appearance and excellent elasticity. It is obviously better than wool and has a noble style.