Common sense of sweaters fabric (2)

- Dec 02, 2020-

1. Rabbit fur

Rabbit hair is the hair fiber cut from the body of a rabbit. Rabbit hair fiber is white, shiny, soft, waxy, and has good warmth retention. Most of the fiber fineness averages 10-15 microns. The scales on the surface of rabbit fur are arranged very tightly, without curling, and the fiber is bulky. It is not suitable for pure spinning. It is generally blended with wool, nylon and acrylic.

2. Camel hair

Camel hair fiber is actually the fluff that the Bactrian camel combed off during hair removal. The hair fiber is long and slender, with natural color and light brown. It is very soft, has particularly good thermal performance and high strength. Not suitable for pure spinning raw materials, most of which are blended with high-count wool.

3. Acrylic (polyacrylonitrile fiber)

Acrylic fiber has unique and excellent characteristics that resemble wool, soft hand feeling, good bulkiness and good elasticity. The feel and appearance are very similar to wool, so it is called "artificial wool". It has good dyeing performance, bright colors and strong warmth retention.

4. Blended yarn

Generally, wool, acrylic, viscose and other chemical fibers or man-made fibers are blended in a certain proportion. It can combine the advantages of both and reduce costs. Wool blended yarn (the proportion of wool is not less than 60%)