Common sense of chiffon blouse

- Aug 08, 2018-

Chiffon blouse is a very thin fabric, is a chemical fiber fabric, suitable for women's summer dress, feels a little small hair feel, but this is its characteristics, a little waistband skirt belt, are What it does, there are clothes and skirts that can be made directly, but it is thinner and must be lined! The cost of chiffon shirt fabrics made of chiffon fabric is basically around 50 yuan. A good price is around 80 yuan, plus the level of labor, shipping, packaging, and workmanship. The price of a real chiffon shirt is between 70 yuan and 120 yuan. There are a lot of chiffon flags on the market. The merchants who sell the price of 20-30, in fact, they all sell polyester fabrics. The real price of chiffon will not be so low.