Comfort fabric selection requirements

- Jun 18, 2019-

Most fibers, in the dry state, are able to expel the body's moisture from the skin to the surface of the fabric. But the biggest problem is "sweat." Compared with man-made fibers, natural fibers have better hygroscopicity, but the feeling of wet and cold adhesion is very uncomfortable. Because of the "stucktogether" caused by moisture and sweat, it cannot be removed through fibers. Therefore, the fabric of comfort must meet the following requirements:

1. Like the skin, it can adjust the temperature and humidity to maintain a comfortable feeling.

2. Good hygroscopicity and moisture permeability.

3. No odor, no irritating skin.

4. Excellent extensibility, does not affect the body's stretching.

5. Light weight.

6. Durable waterproof and anti-fouling function.

Comfort fabrics, in addition to the relationship between the human body and the clothes, must pay attention to the climate environment factors (inside, inside and outside the clothes), to meet the human skin function and feeling, the fabric must be fixed in various climate changes. The main function of the sportswear is to isolate the harsh environment from direct contact with the human body and produce protective effects such as wind and water resistance.