Classification of sportswear - water suit

- Nov 05, 2019-

There are three main categories:

1, When engaged in swimming, diving, water polo, water skiing, surfing, snorkeling, etc., mainly wear tight swimwear, also known as swimwear. Men wear triangle shorts and women wear jumpsuits or bikinis. The basic requirement for swimwear is that athletes do not raise their pockets when they are underwater, and reduce the resistance in water. Therefore, it is advisable to use elastic fabrics such as elastic, nylon, acrylic and other synthetic fabrics with high density, good flexibility and smooth surface. Wear a plastic, rubber-tight hooded swim cap. In addition to wearing swimwear, the snorkeling swimmers are usually equipped with masks, diving glasses, breathing tubes, and ankles.


2, When engaged in rowing sports, mainly wear shorts and vests to facilitate the paddle. A woolen sleeved knit top is used in winter.


3, motorboats are fast in speed. In addition to wearing general knit sportswear, athletes often wear porous rubber garments, rubberized raincoats and airbag life jackets. The color of the clothes should be red and yellow in contrast to the sea water, which is easy to find when there is an accident in the game. The lightweight rowing boat is anti-turning, and the athletes also need to wear a water-absorbing wool vest. After absorbing water, the weight is about 3kg.