Classification of sportswear - fencing suits

- Nov 17, 2019-

The fencing suit first pays attention to the body, and secondly it needs to be light. It consists of a white fencing top, a face, gloves, pants, stockings and shoes. The top is usually made of a thick cotton pad, leather, hard plastic and metal to protect the shoulders, chest, back, abdomen and the right side of the body. According to different swords such as foil, sabre and epee, the requirements for sportswear protective layer are slightly different.


The top of the foil competition, the outer layer is wrapped with wire and energized. Once stabbed by the sword, the electric referee will light up; the inner layer is insulated with nylon fabric to prevent sweating and conduction; the face is mask type, high The strength is made of wire mesh, and the two ear pads are cushioned; the lower pants are generally a few centimeters below the knee, and then the stockings are worn and wrapped in the pants. Fencing suits should be as small as possible to reduce the chance of being hit.