Channel classification of sportswear

- Nov 19, 2019-

Sportswear developed to be classified into retail sports brands and wholesale group sports brands according to the scale of development and its brand maturity. Retail sports brands such as Adi, Nike, Li Ning, Anta, 361, Hongxing Erke, Peak, etc., wholesale group sports brands such as Danno (Danyu), Jianye, Batt, Parojie, etc., although they are all sports brands, retail and group sports brands face different customer groups, and retail sports brands face different customer groups. The products produced have different personality characteristics of different age groups. The group buying sports brand has no retail brand because of its scale and maturity. It can only be different from the customer group. The main group buying is the main one. It can be said that the rest of the retail brand is the market. cake".


According to the direction of market development, manufacturers will directly face consumers and provide products and services directly to consumers. In this way, if products and services are in place, each brand will maintain a relatively stable customer base.