Basic overview of men's cotton shirts

- Aug 08, 2018-

Pure cotton shirts are generally 100% cotton, cotton shirts have the advantages of breathable, soft, comfortable, cool, sweat-absorbent and heat-dissipating. It is a top that can be worn between the inner and outer tops and can also be worn separately. Natural products, without chemical fiber, are easy to generate static electricity; they are also good for the skin, very soft, comfortable to wear on the body, and will not cause irritation. However, the washing is easy to fade, the cotton is hard, and the mild climate is mild. Identification: Cotton shirts are easy to wrinkle by hand. Burning with fire will produce a yellow flame like a burning paper. After burning the ash, it will be grayish white. If you send it at a 45-degree angle, there will be no bright light. It feels soft, does not stick to the body, has no static electricity, and does not have elasticity.