Advantages and technical requirements of camouflage jogging suits

- Jun 20, 2019-

Military uniforms always bring us a special kind of emotion. When he was a soldier, when he put on a camouflage jogging suit again, the blood and temperament of the soldiers suddenly broke out. If you have not participated in the military, you can wear the camouflage and experience the temperament of the military and satisfy the yearning for the heart. No matter who you are, can you resist the charm of camouflage?


Camouflage jogging suit camouflage cap


People who play outdoors like to buy military products. As long as they play outdoors, regardless of men and women, there is a limit to the challenge and never give up. People who like camouflage style are interested in this camouflage hat.


Camouflage top in camouflage jogging suit


This camouflage garment is mostly made of waterproof and breathable fabric, which is mainly made of waterproof and breathable membrane. The outer splicing is glued, and it is still durable and easy to damage during high-intensity field sports. The overall use of camouflage materials, as well as desert combat in the army or the use of this coating in the cold regions. The outer fabric is made from double-layered plain polyester fabric and nylon plain fabric. Fleece inside, breathable and warm. Suitable for outdoor activities in autumn and winter.


Camouflage pants for camouflage jogging suits


Because of the tailoring characteristics, most of the camouflage and sneakers are loosely designed: the placket, cuffs, elbows and even the collar and shoulders are specially treated. During the movement, there will be enough space for any movements. The action of binding the limbs to the clothes.


Camouflage jogging suit camouflage shoes


As one of the classic equipment in the army, the military boots are also popular among many people in the field of civil use. Not only exquisite workmanship, strong and durable, the military boots look tough, and the design is simple. Whether it is in a harsh outdoor environment or on a busy urban street, wearing military boots is a good fit.