Advantages and characteristics of men cotton tracksuit

- Jun 25, 2019-

In daily life, wearing men cotton tracksuit sportswear running, fitness, doing all kinds of sports are very comfortable and suitable. In particular, the characteristics of cotton fabric make it very suitable for sports.

Everyone knows that sweat can't be avoided in sports, and a very obvious feature of cotton sportswear tops is that it has good sweat absorption, can keep the body dry, does not feel slimy, and makes everyone more comfortable to exercise. If the cotton sportswear top is too thin, contact with the air after strenuous exercise can make the body very uncomfortable and even cause injury.

If you wear men cotton tracksuit, there is no such problem. The warmth of your own can fully protect people's health. It is also suitable for all kinds of movements in sports. There is no slight restraint and full exercise. The physical improvement brought about by people is a very good choice for people to exercise in the spring.

Advantages of men cotton tracksuit

1. Comfort: Balanced humidity. Pure cotton fiber absorbs moisture into the surrounding atmosphere and has a moisture content of 8-10%. It feels soft and not stiff when it comes into contact with the skin. If the humidity increases and the ambient temperature is high, the water content in the fiber will all evaporate and disperse, keeping the fabric in a water-balanced state, making people feel comfortable.

2. Keep warm: The thermal and electrical conductivity of cotton fiber is extremely low, the fiber itself is porous and the elasticity is high. The gap between the fibers can accumulate a large amount of air (the air is also a poor conductor of heat and electricity), and the heat preservation is high.

3. Environmental protection: Cotton fiber is natural fiber. The cotton fabric is in contact with the skin without any irritation and is beneficial to the human