2020/21 spring and summer sports fabric trend forecast!

- Aug 02, 2019-

The concepts of man and nature, people and technology have had a major impact on 2020 / 21 spring and summer sportswear, and the future will focus on fabrics in environmental protection, bioengineering and technology. Brands are also paying more attention to environmental protection concepts and are committed to developing environmentally friendly and innovative products.

As consumer demand for sustainable solutions grows, innovative designs from nature will become more common and important. In the spring and summer of 2021, vegetable dyes will be favored in the sportswear market because consumers are increasingly environmentally conscious and benefit from the brand's use of plant dyes in their clothing and footwear. At the same time, plant fiber fabrics have paved the way for the development of new textures, leading the trend of advocating natural forms. Respect the texture and irregularities of natural vegetable dyes and unprocessed materials, and incorporate these unpredictability and uniqueness into the product.

Applicable scenes: sports and leisure, all-weather sports, yoga, recovery after exercise.

Professional performance knitted fabric

In terms of knitted fabrics, the combination of manual texture and professional performance, after entering the spring and summer of 2021, tends to emphasize the individualized size and focus on the concept of zero waste. Knitted fabrics are inherently wireless and can be specially designed to provide support and breathability for specific parts of the body. Consider adding recycled wool or using merino wool to enhance the inter-season performance of the fabric. You can use splicing of excess yarn to create a sustainable personality design. You can also consider using color contrast to design knitted fabrics, adding layering and creating discoloration with the wearer's stretching and movement.

Applicable scenes: yoga, stretching, fitness, all-weather sports.

Matte and quick-dry jersey

Under any circumstance, this quick-drying jersey fabric maintains a matte finish, adding a touch of sophistication to the sporty style, and the darker shades further enhance this effect. With a dry touch, the matte finish of this smooth fabric is further highlighted. Its moisture absorption performance keeps the fabric sweat-free and smooth for a long time, showing a sense of movement while still being elegant. Maintain a smooth silhouette, with a choice of monochrome, or add a soft color with bright cut pieces to create a contemporary youth style. At the same time, the stitching marks and edge lines should be folded inward to minimize the stitching.

Applicable scene: fitness, training, yoga.

Respond to changes in the human body to create comfort

After entering the spring and summer of 2021, comfort will be determined by a new generation of smart fibers. The fiber interprets the body and reacts to create a personalized comfort. Material density and temperature are the main factors that determine new comfort. Fiber responds to human activity and will increase or decrease temperature and change elasticity according to gait, posture and speed. Consider looking for inspiration from nature, studying how other species react to the environment, and using biotechnology to innovate to fit the environment.

Applicable scenes: outdoor sports, training, fitness, endurance sports.

Textured soft shell fabric

 A new generation of textured soft-shell fabric revives the luxe sport of the 1980s casual sportswear, but it is lighter and exhibits a natural, irregular structure. The light texture and dry feel enhance the sophistication, while also combining the elasticity and breathability of the woven fabric, which can be used to create a single item for a hot summer day.