2019 autumn and winter knitting products trend

- Sep 02, 2019-

Influenced by the increasingly popular concept of consumption, the appearance of touch and the appearance of simplicity have gradually promoted the composition of the delicate tone of women in the new era. The traditional yarns and image elements are used to update the traditional appearance of the basic knitwear. Inject new vitality.

The pattern mainly consists of animal prints, home decoration flowers, and plaids & stripes. The color variation on the basis of traditional images adds youthfulness to traditional themes, providing young consumers with new knitwear selections, while the process is on the one hand. Focus on the hand-made art texture to create hand-woven woven traces, on the other hand, continue to strengthen the party evening dress style, which is embodied in the traditional twisting process, incorporating the decorative details such as rhinestones and the use of lace appliques to create a highly labelled Party style.

The yarn is mainly composed of metallic yarns and brushed yarns. It is combined with neutral colors and pastel colors to create a luxurious and soft minimalist and refined new female image.